Which Vibrator Do You Choose?


Most vibrators are designed for clitoral stimulation, as it is the organ of pleasure excellence, the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the female body and is where the vibrations feel best.

You have never used a vibrator before, but are you ready to experiment? Choose a toy with variable speed so you can play until you find out what the right amount of vibration triggers your orgasm. After some nice initial test, you will be ready to refine your technique.

Do you need a little help in choosing a vibrator? Can not decide which vibrator to buy? There are a number of striking models and styles of vibrators, countless sizes and different materials can be both inspirational and a bit daunting. But answering these few simple questions can help refine your search by eliminating products that do not fit your needs and ensure a nice relationship with your new Sexy Toy.

You are looking for a vibrator ...

... for the stimulation of Clitoris?

Almost all that vibrates feels very good around and on the clitoris. Small clitoral vibrators with anatomically designed shapes to ensure greater stimulation, waterproof and rechargeable, are easy to use and have more intense vibrations such as Magic Wand, will definitely help you reach orgasm. (Paperella Vibrante, Bullet Vibe, If Picobong, Matryoshka)


... for stimulating the Punto-G?

G point is not as delicate as the clitoris, it requires much more pressure and a different stimulation. In our catalog, you will find vibrators with a curve to the end to help stimulate the G spot. (Moka G-Vibe, Mini G-Smile, Patchy Paul III, G Time Purple)


... for stimulating the clitoris and / or G-spots?

The Rabbit has become an icon of these situations, a vibrator that stimulates both points of pleasure at one time. (Vibe Therapy Delight, Orgasmic Rabbit, Diamond Affairs, Temptation Rabbit)


... which can be worn by your partner?

Speaking of icons, the Cock Ring is commonly used, wear it and strategically position the vibrator so as to stimulate the clitoris during penetration.

And not to mention the most innovative product of the Sexy Toys market, the vibrator for the couple, designed to be worn during sexual intercourse: We-Vibe.

Now maybe you can browse through the various categories of our catalog with some clearer idea about this fantastic world, but sometimes getting lost can be overwhelming.

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