Vinyl Butt Plug

The vinyl of these butt plugs (or anal plugs) is a vinyl of excellent quality, hypoallergenic and safe for the body. The main feature of vinyl butt plugs for sale in our online sex shop is softness.
These butt plugs remain soft to facilitate their insertion, and do not take any risk in extremely deep penetrations.

With these characteristics the butt plugs in vinyl (or anal wedge) are established among the best sex toys for anal sex, remaining soft but determined you can try out great sensations with XXL size butt plugs.

This will allow your body to gradually get used to anal penetration, also our advice is to have available a variety of plugs of different sizes, to be able to slightly increase the circumference of the butt plug to be used.

Always choose vinyl butt plugs from the wide base, doing so will prevent the plug from falling into the body, thus preventing an embarrassing visit to the hospital.

The use of a lot of lubricant helps to simplify insertion, making your experience more slippery and rewarding, remember also that different materials require different lubricants, please check our guide to choose the ideal lubricant for vinyl butt plugs.

Take the right time, find your rhythm, experience the different sensations allowing your body to relax while you explore the pleasures of anal sex.

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