Blindfold Masks

Blocking one or more senses plays a fundamental role in pleasure, so it is also for eye patches or masks that obstruct the view in BDSM style like the Blindfolds.

This practice is part of sadomasochism and bondage, obstructing the view accentuates all the other sensations induced by the other senses, it is a game of power and domination but its implication is not only psychological.


In our selection of Blindfold BDSM you will find masks in leather or bandages for covering eyes so as to block the view. Models in leather and silicone with various shapes, vintage design in lived-in leather or produced with new materials such as neoprene.


Our masks or eye patches are unisex and can all be related to ball gag to further increase bond and mutual trust between slave and master.


Buy Blindfold BDSM online, you will receive it quickly and in complete discretion.

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