Jelly Butt Plug

Often referred to as harmful or containing phthalates, jelly butt plugs are cheaper in the anal spines market. In the past the name of harmful products has been assigned to all sex toys and not only, produced in the jelly material.

However, in recent years a European regulation has placed limits on the possibility of using phthalates for the production of many objects, so the jelly butt plugs that are on sale in our online sex shop are all safe for the body and certified as products without phthalates or containing phthalates according to the limit imposed by the European regulation.

The jelly butt plugs remain soft and flexible, suitable for easy insertion and excellent for those who approach the pleasures of anal sex, they are unisex and always in bright colors.

There are commercially available jelly butt plugs with different characteristics, different shapes and textures for different stimulations. Generally these butt plugs are small to medium and this also helps to keep the cost relatively low compared to larger anal plugs and products in different materials.

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