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The electro-stimulator (electrosex) contains in itself a vast universe of emotions and sensations, starting from sweet preliminary, intense penetration and very long orgasms for men and women.


Obviously these practices can be linked to the BDSM world, but they don't have to! It is up to the individual user to decide whether to remain in the suburbs in the Electric City Center.


This selection of stimulators includes only the best products on the market, high quality with easy to use controls and pre-installed programs that make the electrical stimulation playful and intuitive.


In our body it is full of sensitive nerve endings that transmit information to our brain. For this exchange of information, our own body constantly sends electrical impulses. A caress or kiss is transformed by our body from a "touch on the nerve endings" to an electrical impulse for the brain.


Applying this simple theory to sexual electrostimulation the result is at least astonishing, the electrical impulses arrive directly to the brain and this leads to a disruptive excitation, releasing many endorphins.


All the stimulator kits we have selected are supplied with accessories chosen to start as early as possible, starting with a protective case, connection cables, adhesive electrodes, a manual and even a battery.


Buy in complete safety your new electrosex stimulator, get it in no time and venture into this world of new pleasures.

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