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Electrosex sales units and accessories Power Units for Sale and Electrosex Stimulation Online sales of products for the Electrosex, thanks to electro stimulation you will experience new sensations and strong! There are many lines of products, distributed by major manufacturers: Rimba, Folsom Electric, E-Stim, Mystim, Erostek and others. If the new and strong attracts you think that the Electrosex can generate bursts of pleasure on command, elettrostimolando the right areas you can reach heights of pleasure easily accessible by car. In our shop you will find a comprehensive and updated online catalog, to put you in a position to choose the products that best fit your needs, Power Box, Bipolar Butt Plug, Adapters, stimulators for pain, anal stimulators and conductive adhesives for genital whether you're a novice or an expert dell'electrosex curious will find what you are looking for!

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