Metal Butt Plug

Metal butt plugs are objects of pleasure (or sex toys) born for anal stimulation. Also called anal plugs, these metal butt plugs are the safest in the brand of sex toys, being precisely in metal they are very resistant and unlike other materials with which the anal plugs are produced, the metal is the easiest to clean.
With anal sex hygiene is even more important, bacteria and other impurities can nest on your butt plug in PVC, which thanks to its softness can accommodate bacteria and other in its small grooves. With metal butt plugs this can not happen, just because of the hard shape of the metal, which does not give any space to anyone, also clean these metal anal plugs is a breeze, you can even put them in the dishwasher.

Another peculiarity of metal anal plugs is that they are particularly prone to imaginative games like the game of cold heat: just leave a few minutes in the freezer the anal plug in metal or a few seconds in the microwave to add new sensations to anal sex, all sensations to try.

Lubricating metal anal plugs well, but also in all other materials, is very important, so choose a good intimate lubricant and slip into pleasure.

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