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All the pleasure Kits selected in our online sex shop are a hymn to couple sexuality and more.

Erotic kits consisting of a set of vibrators to try in pairs, gift packs to make a more romantic and passionate anniversary.

A wide range of pleasure kits to enhance intimacy and play with sex, have fun discovering our erotic kits, you'll find yours too.

Make your passionate evenings special with one of our kits:

50 Shades of red Pleasure Overload is a kit of pleasure that includes everything necessary for a meeting with a very high erotic rate, this kit with 50 Shades contains a vibrato ring, vaginal balls, anal plug, mini vibrator, mask, tickle feather, etc. ...

Beginner's Fantasy Kit is instead a kit of pleasure to approach the pleasures of anal sex, includes everything to start step by step, anal balls, a small butt plug, a sheath for fingers with stimulating reliefs, a stimulator for prostate and more.

Red Romance Gift Set is the pleasure kit with a romantic look, its content is very soft and all strictly red passion, there is a tickling quilt, a vibrator, a vibrating egg, mask, dice with positions, rose petals, in short, an erotic Kit complete with everything.

The Complete Lovers Kit is the vibrating erotic set, it includes a vibrator to which it is possible to apply different sheaths, so as to make the vaginal vibrator a dynamic and multipurpose vibrator, making it a rabbit vibrator or increasing stimulations by installing the sheath with additional reliefs.

Kit D'Amour contains a fantastic mini lipstick vibrator, unexpected but effective, an elegant satin mask, a quilt to tickle, all in a luxurious women's fashion handbag.

These and more, we have a wide selection of pleasure kits, for all tastes, soft and hard, romantic and passionate without forgetting the BDSM erotic kits with ropes, handcuffs, ball gags, etc ...

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