Enrich your intimacy with imagination and passion, buy one of our Loveboxes to make sex safe in complete safety. Our recipe is very simple:
creates the atmosphere with scented candles or a soft light;
add good music at the right volume;
choose the most suitable Lovebox and take pleasure in it.

It ranges with the imagination among our boxes, with different combinations of selected products among the best in our sector, as well as among the best sellers.
8 different Loveboxes designed to increase sexual understanding and excitement, each with its own character and its own particularities such as the Super Hero Box or Erotic Box Green.

We have composed the boxes with The Best Of:
intimate lubricant (in all its nuances);
sexual aid;
oil massages;
delay spray.

All the selected products are characterized by the great quality of the raw materials used, by the elegance of the packs on a par with real cosmetics. Furthermore these products are all made in Italy, they are placed on the market only after having received the necessary authorizations from the Ministry of Health, then tested and safe for the skin.
All you have to do is choose the Lovebox that stimulates your imagination more and enjoy the fantastic sensations.

There are 8 products.
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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items


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