Real Doll

The world of sextoys is constantly evolving, with products increasingly effective and safe for the body, among the most significant news of recent years there is to highlight the great step forward in the creation of ultra realistic sex dolls, the Real Doll.

These former inflatable dolls, do not swell more, but are made of silicone or other safe materials, life size and touch similar to real skin. The direction that has taken this development will soon lead to the Sex Robots, some prototypes are already under testing but we will have to wait before seeing them on the market.

Realistic sex dolls are life size, with endless options to satisfy even the most demanding customers, it is possible to choose the height, hair color, eyes, enamel, more shades are available for the color of the skin. Among the many options we point out the possibility to choose the desired breast size, color of nipples, cut and color of pubic hair, also the possibility to equip the realistic doll of internal exoskeleton in order to place it standing, kneeling or lying in position more congenial to the sexual act.

These Real Sex Dolls have additional accessories to simulate the realisticity of a true sexual intercourse like a small rechargeable heat generator via USB, so as to be inserted in the three available holes (anus, vagina or mouth), in order to heat the affected area for a greater sense of pleasure.

Among the characteristics of Real dolls we can certainly emphasize durability, as with the right and small care products are designed to last years and the deteriorable parts can be replaced, the reality is certainly superior to the imagination to the touch very similar to real skin , another great feature is the flexibility due to the materials and safety, 100% non-toxic medical grade material, certified by CE, ROHS, SGS, FDA in addition to being completely odorless.

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