Vaginal Lubricant

Vaginal Lubricant is generally formulated based on water, with moisturizing properties that guarantee a state of softness and elasticity for prolonged vaginal lubrication. Vaginal lubricating gel helps to improve sexual understanding by increasing intimate comfort thanks to its emollient, lubricating and moisturizing properties.
The problems due to vaginal dryness are numerous, not only in the sexual field, and not all vaginal lubricants are suitable for solving this problem, so our advice is always to check and deepen with medical advice.
However, the vaginal creams, gels or lubricants are an excellent sexual adjuvant, can be used not only in the presence of problems due to vulvar dryness, can become a great sextoy, thanks to which you can enlarge your sexual playground and gradually slip into pleasure.
The vaginal lubricant industry today offers a wide range of products, lubricating gels with a hot-cold effect, many delicious flavors to enjoy oral sex and much more. You will find in our catalog only dermatologically tested and safe lubricating gels and creams for the skin and the best vaginal lubricants produced in Italy.

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