Enema Bags

The practice of enema (or enteroclisma) has very ancient origins, in order to resort to this practice there are bags or bags for enema and enemas.

This practice consists in injecting liquid (water, chamomile, and many other solutions) into the intestine via the rectum, it has many benefits in a healthy environment and is also a medical practice, but we are not here for this.


The bdsm has, in addition to the benefits induced by the practice itself, various types of values ​​that include punishment, humiliation or enjoyment, as well as pre-anal sex hygiene, perfect for role-playing games as a patient and nurse .


With the products selected by us for this BDSM practice you will find portable enema kits, complete with spouts of various shapes and sizes for practical insertion, rigid or soft bags to fully enjoy the moments of sadomasochistic pleasure.


Buy online accessories for enema, enemas or enteroclisma, receive your order quickly and with all the necessary discretion.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items


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